Csaba Marjan

Csaba Marjan Csaba Zoltán Marjan was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in 1983. He has studied at the Secondary School of Art Nyíregyháza (Major in Percussion), at the University of Debrecen Conservatory (where he obtained his Master Degree in Percussion Performance and Teaching in 2007), and is currently studying Percussion Performance at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

He has studied piano with Ottilia Radics; percussion, timpani and chamber music with Csaba Joó; percussion, timpani and chamber music with István Szabó; orchestra material, etude, and technique development with Kerdõ Gábor; percussion, orchestra material and timpani with Pasi Suomalainen; timpani with Lassi Erkkilä and hand drum Sami Koskela.

He has obtained the following prizes: 1st prize at the National University Percussion Solo Competition in Hungary (2005), Semifinals at the International Marimba Duo Competition in Belgium (2004), 3rd Prize at the National University Percussion Solo Competition in Hungary (2004), and 2nd Prize/Special Award at the National University Percussion Solo Competition in Hungary: (2003).

Mr. Marjan has attended the following courses: Marimba - The Japanese folk music in Keiko Abe´s music (Keiko Abe, 2007); Drumkit - History of Swing and Blues (Elemér Balázs, 2007); African Drum (Johnson Kemeh, 2006); Drumkit (Péter Szendõfi, 2006); Vibraphone (Richárd Szaniszló, 2005); Marimba - History and performance of Keiko Abe´s music (Gergely Nagy, 2004); Marimba - development of control and technique (Bogdan Bacanu, 2004); and Drumkit –South American traditional music (Gábor Dörnyei, 2003).

In addition, he has performed in a Latin Dancing Orchestra performing a number of concerts in Hungary and Europe, at the Szabolcs Symphonic Orchestra, the Debrecen Symphonic Orchestra, the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Csokonai Theatre of Debrecen with the Talamba Percussion Ensemble (Budapest), and at the Chamber Music Festival in Hungary. Mr. Marjan was a member of the SONUS Percussion Ensemble. This group was formed in 2005 in Debrecen and its purpose is to popularize the performance of contemporary music for percussion. This ensemble has been invited to events such as Valley of Arts, organized by the AMADINDA Percussion Emsemble. Mr. Marjan has also composed for this band. The leader of the group is István Szabó. Between 2005-2007 he taught at the Újfehértó Music School.