América y Finlandia

About 'América y Finlandia: Ecos Indómitos'

América y Finlandia
kohoBeat’s fifth project took place in Lima and Quito between May 31st and June 9th, 2011. This project consisted of a series of events including: a flute-piano recital by Sami Junnonen (flute) and Javier Arrebola (piano), which was presented at the Peruvian American Cultural Institute of Miraflores, Lima as well as at Teatro Casa de la Música in Quito; a series of conferences on three different topics in collaboration with the National Conservatory of Music of Peru: Finnish composers by Jimmy López, Finnish vocal music by Javier Arrebola and the Finnish school of conducting by David Claudio; master classes on flute and piano and finally, two Symphony Orchestra concerts in collaboration with the National Symphony of Peru and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Ecuador.

This project, which included the South American premiere of several works, brought together Finland’s culture and idiosyncrasy to Andean America through its music. As a counterpart, South America was represented musically by works that provided different views of its History and cultural heritage. The name of the project is a metaphor of these two marvellous lands and it reflects their similarities and contrasts, their musical resonances, their landscapes of extremes, their unreachable and untamed Nature, and their unique identity.

At a glance

Lima - Peru 2011

  • Recital: Tuesday, May 31 (ICPNA - Miraflores) at 7:30pm
  • Conferences: Thursday , June 2 (National Conservatory of Music) at 3:30pm
  • Symphonic Concert: Friday, June 3 (National Symphony Orchestra of Peru - Auditorio Los Inkas) at 8:00pm
  • Quito - Ecuador 2011

  • Recital: Monday, June 6 (Teatro Casa de la Música) at 8:00pm
  • Master Classes
  • Symphonic Concert: Thursday, June 9 (Philharmonic Orchestra of Ecuador - Teatro Casa de la Música) at 8:00pm

  • Sponsored by

    Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Sandvik del Perú, Corporación ABL, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Filarmonika, kohoBeat.

    Our deepest gratitude to:

    Fernando Torres. Cultural Director, ICPNA
    Luciano Carrera. Director, Quito Flute Festival
    Martha Mifflin. Director, Radio Filarmonía
    Marino Martínez. Research and Development, Filarmonika LLC
    Miguel Harth-Bedoya. President, Filarmonika LLC