Press coverage

To Finland Via Symphony

“Today we attend a multicultural celebration. Within the context of the festival named ‘Finlandia: Canto a la música’, our National Symphony Orchestra (OSN) will shine thanks to the presence of outstanding local and international artists who will take part in an extraordinary concert (…)”

Peru21, 07.07.2009.

Fundamental Exchange

“The concert (…) favors musical integration between Peru and Finland, which is promoted by kohoBeat, an organization established by young Peruvians and foreigners, all of whom are or have been students of the Sibelius Academy.”

El Peruano, 06.07.2009.

Youth and Excellence

“This month Peru and Finland will unite musically in a series of concerts as a part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Radio Filarmonía. It will showcase young talents such as Jimmy López, Javier Arrebola, Lisbet Klockars, and David Claudio.”

“In a recital on June 9th, Lisbet Klockars and Javier Arrebola will present a selection of representative works from the Finnish repertoire for voice and piano (…)”

“(…) a master class on composition and performance will be offered, where members of kohoBeat will share their experiences in Finland with the Peruvian audience (…)”

El Comercio, 01.06.2009.

Radio interviews

Radio Filarmonía (FM Stereo 102.7):

  • Sunday, 24.05.2009 at 10:00am "Charla Dominical"
  • Saturday 30.05.2009 at 8:00pm "Palco Real"
  • Monday 01.06.2009 at 12:00pm "Meridiano"