Program & Artists


Brief welcoming speech (5min.)

  • A Wedding Blast, for Symphony Orchestra (2min.)
  • Varem*, Concerto for Koto and Orchestra (27min.)
    • -intermission-
  • Epiphany**, Concertino for Piano, Brass, Strings and Percussion (15min.)
  • América Salvaje*, Symphonic Poem (14min.)
  • *Finnish Premiere
    **World Premiere


    Music by: Jimmy López (Peru)
    Soloists: Makiko Goto, koto (Japan) / Javier Arrebola, piano (Spain)
    Conductors: Roberto Forés (Spain), Leo McFall (UK), David Claudio (Peru)
    Concert Master: Tuomas Rousi (Finland)
    All the above mentioned works were performed by The Third Millennium Symphony Orchestra.

    Recording engineers

    Robert de Godzinsky, Sound Supervisor
    Johannes Ylipää
    Timo Hiekkanen
    Visa Kuoppala
    James Andean